Dog Crates for Pickup Trucks

There are quite a few solutions to someone wanting to take their dog in the pickup truck. First you could let your dog ride up front and passengers in the bed. That’s what I would do. Well that is not really an option so here are some designed dog crates for pickup trucks as a solutions to your dog riding in the back of the truck.

If you want a tie down crate you will want to look at the plastic dog crates. They are the ones that airlines approved for air travel. They are sturdy, hard shelled, both protected and well ventilated. They come with steel doors that can be latched and most locked. As an accessory during those colder months there are insulated dog kennel covers you can buy.

There are made to fit aluminum box kennels that you can buy that are extremely sturdy and well protected. They are designed in many different configurations. Some have storage and all are roomy and secure with keyed locking doors. Most of the same manufacturers make trailers as well that can carry about six dogs instead of two that the regular truck bed kennels carry. Because the boxes can get warm as they are designed for cooler months of hunting you can get a summer box that has plenty of ventilation.

The same type of designs as the truck bed aluminum boxes are created in fiberglass also. These designs for dog crates for pickup trucks are lighter and more portable solutions that the aluminum dog boxes. There is also a version that connects to the hitch receiver so you can have a box for your SUV. These are made for one to six dogs. Some of the larger ones have storage space in them as well. They are available in cream and camouflaged colorings.

All the boxes, kennels and crates I looked at were well made and would work well for truck transporting. There are many manufacturers making dog crates for pickup trucks so the competition is tough which means a better product and price for the consumer.

If you need a place to carry your dog in your truck you can choose from temporary, light weighted crates all the way to more permanent aluminum dog boxes. Picking dog crates for pickup trucks that are right for the size of dogs you have and the climate you are going to transport them in is essential. The number one purpose for buying one of these boxes is the comfort of your hunting partner.  Most hunting dog supply stores will stock most of these items.